Create Clear, Data-driven Slides that Effectively Convey Information and Convince Stakeholders

It’s a beautiful Wednesday morning for Mandy, one of those “Bring it on!” mornings. That’s because she’s ready for anything that her CEO is going to throw at her. After burning the midnight oil for three nights in a row, her mountain of slides have now been organised into a data-rich, logical presentation. Mandy is so ready that, given an hour, she’s sure that she’ll be able to wow her boss. Then she gets a phone call.

“Mandy, are you ready with your presentation?” her boss asks.

“We’re running late, so you only have 10 minutes.”

Stunned, Mandy stood there. Silent. A million thoughts flashing through her mind:

How do I go through all my slides in 10 minutes?

What do I take out?

What do I keep?

What does my CEO want to see?

What data points will convince my CEO?

Paralysed, Mandy could only stutter, “O-o-okay.”

“Right, see you in an hour,” Mandy’s CEO uttered before hurriedly hanging up. 

“I’m in trouble,” Mandy thought to herself. Without a framework to craft clear, concise, and data-driven slides that effectively convey information and convince stakeholders, she’s unable to quickly trim her hour-long presentation into 10 minutes while maintaining its effectiveness.

Mandy’s scenario plays out in your organisation every day. The ability to know what’s important to your audience, to be able to appeal to your audience logically and emotionally, to be capable of creating data-rich slides that ease and quicken the decision-making process is a skill that only a few have.

And it’s a skill that Mandy desperately needs now.


That’s why we created Data to Business Story

By the end of this two-day programme, participants like Mandy will be able to relate and empathise with their audience. They’ll be able to design data-rich tables and graphs that make their stakeholders go, “Ah, I see it now!” as the complex bits connect together into a whole picture. By the end of this workshop, participants will know how to prioritise information and sequence data to tell a succinct and compelling business story. By bringing data to life, Data to Business Story converts hard-to-understand numbers into easy-to-digest visuals. It’s even easy to apply, years after the training has ended. 

Years after the training has ended, the tools are still easy to apply

Participants leave with a 4-part Data to Business Story toolkit summary that jogs their memory of what’s important. By having a toolkit summary, someone like Mandy will be able to quickly and systematically think and then redesign their presentations to suit her audience.

Part 3 of 4 of the toolkit summary that participants will take home after their Data to Business Story workshop ends.


“Wait a minute, I know how to do this,” Mandy thought to herself. 

“Where’s that Data to Business Story toolkit summary that People Potential gave to me years ago?”

“Aha!” Mandy pumped her fist as she found the toolkit in her Google Drive.

For the next hour, Mandy got to work and she whittled down her 1-hour presentation into a compact and impactful 10 minutes.

Mandy’s CEO nodded intently. “Thank you Mandy, I think we should go ahead,” Mandy’s CEO encouraged her as he darted out of the door for his next meeting. Alone in the meeting room, Mandy gives out one of those silly grins that says, “I don’t believe I’ve pulled that off.”


Here’s what our participants say about Data to Business Story

“I used to present all of my data during my meetings, but realised that often, many don’t understand what I’m presenting. Data to Business Story taught me to consider the relevance of the content from the audience’s perspective and helped me to create presentations that connect with my audience.” – Head of leasing at a major property developer

“It used to take me four hours to create a good data visualisation slide. Now I can do it in an hour, sometimes less – with the four steps.” – Senior engineer at a top semiconductor company


Are your managers struggling to create clear, data-driven slides that effectively convey information and convince stakeholders? Email Min Lee at [email protected] for more information on Data to Business Story – the next must-have in any manager’s toolkit.


Hi, I’m Dr Kavitha Murulitharan, a former molecular biologist and University Malaya debater. I’m passionate about making education applicable, fun, and practical and I’m a business presentations specialist at People Potential.