Business Presentations

Presenting is the new communicating

Our solutions help to solve end-to-end presentation problems for all levels in your organisation so that everyone can effectively convey crucial information.

Develop a comprehensive and systematic training plan for your staff with our tailored skill-based programmes — in Persuasion, Visualisation, Delivery, and Q&A.

Persuasion Suite

These training programmes are designed to help your people to create and present business proposals to get buy-in, from simple suggestions at meetings to pitching complex ideas to senior leaders. This skill set drives teams, departments, and the organisation forward.
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From Senior Managers to Support Staff

The Case Maker™

The Case Maker™ provides the structure and tools for staff at all levels to make simple suggestions or present complex proposals.

  • The Case Maker™ Essentials
  • The Case Maker™
  • The Case Maker™ Advanced
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High Potentials

The Project Pitch™

We have designed The Project Pitch™ specifically to help your high-potentials to build a clear, compelling, and engaging pitch to senior leaders so that they can successfully present their business ideas and drive action.

Visualisation Suite

These training programmes will help your people to visualise data and complex information clearly, providing a comprehensive approach to data storytelling, effective slides, and ‘one-pager visualisation’. This skill set helps their stakeholders to understand issues more easily and to make faster decisions.
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From Senior Managers to Support Staff

Data to Business Story™

When teams visualise data with clarity, strategic decisions are made more confidently and swiftly. Clear data insights cuts through the noise and spotlight opportunities, driving organisational growth.

  • Data to Business Story Essentials
  • Data to Business Story
  • Data to Business Story Advanced
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From Senior Managers to Support Staff

Effective One-Pagers™

Slides that show the whole picture, or more of the picture, help to speed up decision-making at all levels of the organisation. Meetings become more productive when all stakeholders understand connections better.

  • Effective One-Pagers Essentials
  • Effective One-Pagers
  • Effective One-Pagers Advanced
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Support Staff

Effective Slides @ Work™

Clear slides are the gateway to effective communication within teams, empowering junior professionals and backroom staff to make their key points stand out, and their presentations easily understood.

Delivery Suite

In these programmes, we seek to banish amateurishness from business presentations. This skill set will help your people to deliver their presentations professionally, with confidence and impact – both internally and externally to your clients.
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From Senior Managers to Support Staff

Presentations Alive!™

Everyone needs strong basics when presenting. Build confidence by learning the fundamentals of professional business presentations in our signature programme that has been transforming the skills of corporate staff across the Asia-Pacific region for more than thirty years.

  • Presentations Alive! Essentials
  • Presentations Alive!
  • Presentations Alive! Advanced
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From Senior Managers to Support Staff

The Business Storyteller™

Important messages get lost everyday, minutes after they are spoken. Your people will learn how to make key messages stick by using vivid and memorable business stories.

  • The Business Storyteller Essentials
  • The Business Storyteller
  • The Business Storyteller Advanced
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All levels

Virtual Presentations Decoded™

In the current hybrid work environment, many meetings are held virtually, but very few people have been trained to excel in this context. Learn the same skills that our trainers use to deliver presentations and multi-day training sessions online.

Q&A Suite

These programmes help professionals to answer questions in a way that is clear, coherent, and to the point. This skill set is a crucial communication skill that is required during presentations and meetings.
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Senior and Middle Managers, Technical Specialists, and High Potentials

Think on Your Feet®

Think on Your Feet® is a global licensed programme that teaches professionals how to speak and answer questions clearly and concisely on-the-spot via a very special structure. Your staff come away with skills they thought only a talented person would have.

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Support Staff

I’ll Answer That™

Help your support staff to conquer their fear of the unknown at Q&A sessions after they present. They will learn how to think about their work in an easy and more detailed way, so that they can anticipate and answer questions confidently and with credibility.

C-Suite, Senior Managers, Senior Technical Specialists, and High Potentials

High-Performance Presentations Coaching

Individual Coaching, Dynamic Duo Coaching, or Strategic Small-Group Workshops with our Business Presentations specialists.

Post-Training Reinforcement

Our training programmes come with a user-friendly Behaviour Change system for the learner. Ask us about our solution that helps your staff to apply their newly acquired skills at work.


We use this case making skill in our day-to-day business communication. They help to structure our proposal, which leads to more effective decision-making.
Oil & Gas – December 2023The Case Maker™
A lot of us know how to acquire data, but not many know how to tell a compelling story with it. This training bridges the gap.
Banking – June 2023Data to Business Story™
Effective One-Pagers™ gives very informative knowledge on how to present complex slides. The training given was also clear and easy to follow.
Insurance – May 2024Effective One-Pagers™
No matter what profession you’re in or how old you are, you’ll really need Presentations Alive!™ to help enhance your presentation skills.
Consulting – March 2023Presentations Alive!™
The training helps you prepare your presentation in a better and more interesting way as it helps you insert your story whenever possible.
Telecommunications – October 2023The Business Storyteller™
I had the privilege of receiving coaching for public speaking and delivering impactful presentations. The coach provided valuable tips for physical, mental, and vocal preparation. This helped me shed my nervousness and instead, focus on delivering a great presentation which led to a prestigious award. This coaching will make a difference for you and your business—just trust the process.
Vice President – CIMBHigh-Performance Presentations Coaching