Master the ability to create clear and data-driven slides that effectively convey information and convince stakeholders.
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Data to Business Story™ Essentials

Support Staff

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Data to Business Story™

Middle Managers, Technical Specialists, and High Potentials

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Data to Business Story™ Advanced

Senior Managers, Senior Technical Specialists, and High Potentials

Business Issue

Employees, at all levels, struggle to effectively visualise and convey data insights.

This impacts strategic actions and leads to missed opportunities, revealing gaps in data presentation skills within the organisation.

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Business Need

There is a need for a training programme that enhances employees’ abilities to translate data into clear business stories.

Upon training, employees become equipped to drive progress through informed data presentations.

Business Impact

When teams visualise data with clarity, strategic decisions are made more confidently and swiftly.

Clear data insights cuts through the noise and spotlight opportunities, driving organisational growth.

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What are the core modules and objectives in Data to Business Story™?

Design with a Purpose

Understand the audience

Choose the Type of Visual

Know and choose the right tables and graphs

Develop the Visual

Organise, declutter and highlight data

Apply Final Touches

Know and choose the right tables and graphs

What is the difference between the versions?

We customise the programme for the different target learners, adjusting for simplicity, complexity, more practice, and more depth. The more advanced versions contain added material as learners require more knowledge and skills in their roles.

In High-Performance Presentations Coaching, we work one-on-one, in pairs, or in small groups with your senior managers, technical experts, and high potentials to enhance their complex or high-stakes data visualisation presentation.

Product Uniqueness

Data to Business Story™ goes beyond typical PowerPoint and Excel training, teaching data visualisation and storytelling techniques to transform data into actionable insights.

This programme focuses on data visualisation and the story of the data, unlike The Business Storyteller™ which teaches how to craft stories to make key messages memorable.

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Post-Training Reinforcement

Our training programmes come with a user-friendly Behaviour Change system for the learner. Ask us about our solution that helps your staff to apply their newly acquired skills at work.

Have more questions?

Talk to us about the needs for different target learners in your organisation.


The course provided a framework to present our thoughts in a structured manner, which is crucial for our line of work.
March 2023Consulting
A lot of us know how to acquire data but not many know how to tell a compelling story with it. This training bridges the gap.
June 2023Banking
For those who are new to preparing data for presentations, this programme is a must. It teaches you how to transform data into a story that your audience can understand.
June 2023Banking
The training is very interactive and interesting. It helps us to understand how to tell a story with data, which is a crucial skill in today's data-driven world.
August 2023Accounting