Equip your junior and backroom staff with the fundamental skills for creating clear slides.

Business Issue

Junior professionals and backroom staff often produce cluttered slides laden with bullet points.

This visual clutter obscures key messages, making it unnecessarily challenging for the audience to understand and respond.

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Business Need

There is a need for a foundational training programme that equips junior and backroom staff with the skills to create clear slides. Upon training, learners will be able to communicate key information effectively which helps to improve team productivity.

Business Impact

Clear slides ensure that essential information is communicated effectively. Improved internal communications contribute to smoother, more effective team collaboration.

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What are the core modules and objectives in Effective One-Pagers™?

Chunk Information

Organise information into groups

From Text to Visual

Turn text or content into a diagram

Enhance the Visual

Declutter and highlight the slide

Highlight the Message

Add finishing touches to bring out the key message

Product Uniqueness

Effective Slides @ Work™ focuses on practical, quick-to-apply methods that transform ordinary slides into a clear presentation that’s easy to understand and act on.

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Post-Training Reinforcement

Our training programmes come with a user-friendly Behaviour Change system for the learner. Ask us about our solution that helps your staff to apply their newly acquired skills at work.

Have more questions?

Talk to us about the needs for different target learners in your organisation.


We use this case making skill in our day-to-day business communication. They help to structure our proposal, which leads to more effective decision-making.
December 2023Oil & Gas
Very practical steps to present a case, whether in or out of a work environment. There are clear examples and lots of opportunities to practice.
November 2023Telecommunications
The programme has provided us with critical tools that we can use to effectively get the message across, regardless of who the audience is.
September 2023Manufacturing
The course provided a framework to present our thoughts in a structured manner, which is crucial for our line of work.
March 2023Finance