How to spot if your people need presentation training

Have you sat through a presentation of one of your co-workers or even a senior leader and cringed a little, because you felt that it was not up to expectations? Often, you know subconsciously if a presentation is hitting the spot or not.

This can be painful for the audience, and even more so for the presenter. He/she might not be aware that the presentation was anything else but successful. It can be tough to give somebody this feedback, especially if your counterpart is part of the senior team.  

Luckily, presenting is a skill that can be learned. But where do you start? By identifying the gaps. Today, we have the ultimate checklist for you, to spot if your people need presentation training and what they should improve.


Checklist: Spot if your people need presentation training 



  • You struggle to identify the main message, as the presenter jumps from one topic to the next.  
  • You find the presentation dull and uninspiring because it doesn’t speak to you.
  • The presenter uses technical terms and abbreviations that are not familiar to everyone in the audience.
  • There is no call-to-action at the end of the presentation, and the next steps are not clear.



  • The presenter seems overly nervous. His/her voice is breaking, and he/she is using many filler words (like uhm, ah, and).
  • The presenter’s body language seems forced and out of place. He/she is using too many or too few gestures while standing too still or walking around too much.
  • The presenter is reading the slides or note cards word for word instead of speaking freely.
  • The presenter is either speaking with a too soft or too loud voice.



  • The slides are too crowded with words, graphics and/or images.
  • There is a mix of different fonts, font sizes, and colours that do not work well together.
  • The slides are confusing and a distraction to what the speaker is saying.
  • There are no visuals at all, and you find the presentation difficult to follow.


Your people can easily learn to avoid all these mistakes. Our tested and proven Business Presentation programmes teach how to communicate and present ideas to any audience effectively.