How to move your people to action in the New Year

The new year has started, and that usually brings changes to every organisation. New goals for 2019 have been set, visions have been adjusted and mission statements polished. Leaders are getting ready to communicate what’s to come to their department or even the whole organisation. They need everybody to be on the same page and pull together.

For the veterans in your organisation, this is nothing to sweat about. They have done it countless times. But other leaders might be quite nervous about their “big speech”. After all, a lot of pressure rests on them to make things happen. Their presentation needs to convince, engage, and move their staff to take action.

How can they achieve all of that? With the right preparation, they have nothing to fear. 

The Do’s and Don’ts for preparing an impactful presentation


DON’T try to solve all problems at once.

DO limit the scope of the presentation to what’s important at that stage. Focus on a few key takeaways for your audience.


DON’T think that your audience knows everything you do.

DO put yourself in their shoes and try to understand their current beliefs, values, and concerns. Where are they coming from?


DON’T overload your audience with facts.

DO use emotion to build a connection and bring your point across. How? Tell a story! Here is a simple structure: current state – conflict – solution.


DON’T assume that your audience will know what to do after your presentation.

DO give them a clear call to action. What do you want them to do? Are they empowered to take action?


If there is one central lesson for presenters, it’s always to consider the audience when preparing for a presentation. Make THEM the hero. What if all leaders in your organisation followed this rule and as a result, made better presentations?