18TH AUGUST 2020  |  2.30PM - 4.30PM

"Online training doesn't have to be boring."

Our old assumptions were all wrong
Experience what it means to create online training programmes that keep your participants on their toes and eyes wide open.


Getting your participants engaged in a virtual environment is far more difficult than in a live environment – and requires different skill sets and tools. Which is why we’ve designed a webinar series for you called, “You’ll Never Think About Virtual Training the Same Way Again.” In the first part of our multi-part webinar series, we’ll be sharing about a mind-blowing online platform called Miro.

We use Miro to engage and to involve participants. We use it to facilitate discussions and encourage deep-thinking. If people are saying that you cannot achieve the same level of engagement in virtual training – as you can in live training, they’re wrong. They just haven’t discovered Miro. Join us in our interactive 2-hour webinar: “Solve Engagement Problems in Virtual Training With Miro.” Book your spot now. It's free!

People Potential Who?

You may be asking, who's People Potential? So here's a little bit about us.

We're the winner of the Gold Award for the Best Digital Learning Provider in Malaysia at the Human Resources HR Vendors of the Year 2019. In the last three decades, we've worked with multinational corporations (including several dozen in the Fortune 500) in more than 20 countries spread across five continents. With this much experience, we can empathise with the challenges you're facing with online training – and we've thankfully found some answers. So join us for our upcoming webinar and book your spot today.


Here are some of the words that people use to describe People Potential's online workshops:

Your Hosts and Facilitators

*Please note that your hosts and facilitators haven't taken new photos in decades.

Francis Jee

Digital training expert, Francis Jee has been training longer than the internet has existed.

Terry Netto

Stimulating. That’s it. That’s Terry Netto, our CEO.

Raymond Jambaya

Cat herder expert. Raymond Jambaya's abilities include getting large crowds online to behave.

Marianne Vincent

A former concert pianist. Marianne Vincent is our Director of Training Quality.

"But I can't make it on the day"

That's okay, we love sharing.

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