Our programmes

Our Learning & Development programmes are based on several decades of international experience across the world (primarily Asia). Our team of full-time and trainers are typically either subject matter specialists while our part-time associates are excellent in classroom facilitation and love to teach. We also have specialist partners in Singapore and Malaysia with whom we collaborate to address specific client needs. Over the years, we have accumulated knowledge and skills in multiple tools that enhance classroom learning, such a Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Multiple Intelligences and Accelerated Learning. More recently, we have adopted leading-edge technologies like computer simulations. More of such technologies are currently being investigated for programmes across both our practice areas - Business Presentations and Leadership Development.

The Case Maker™

Helps managers to frame business proposals and anticipate questions to get buy-in

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Think On Your Feet®

Teaches managers to communicate ideas clearly, concisely and with impact

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Presentations Alive!™ Licensing

Gives your organisation access to a licenced presentation skills programme

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Presentations Alive!™

Has more than a dozen elements that make it different from similar programmes

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Strategic Articulation

Helps upskill senior managers for actual presentations to diverse audiences

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Just-In-Time Presentations Coaching

Intensive coaching to get managers prepared for high-stakes presentations

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Fair Process Leadership

Online Simulation: Helps leaders maintain clear communications for fair outcomes

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Strategy Execution

Online Simulation: Helps leaders work with their teams to effectively carry out corporate strategies

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Communication @ Work

Offers techniques and insights for effectively communicating with others

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Managing Stakeholders

Online Simulation: Helps managers handle many stakeholders in big projects

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Virtual Teams

Online Simulation: Helps leaders work efficiently with geographically-dispersed team members

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Managing People Successfully

Helps your managers become better leaders

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If you'd like more information, click the button on the right to go to our "Contact" page. Once there, proceed to fill in your details. In the "Enquiry / Message" section, type in the name of the programme you are interested in. Press the "Submit" button and we will get back to you shortly.

Our specialist partner programmes

Our partners in Singapore and Malaysia are carefully chosen for their expertise and experience. They are all specialists in their own fields.


Anjali’s work is focused on using the natural power of stories to bring strategies to life, engage staff & customers and change behavior.


Malar specialises in emotional intelligence and its practical applications for individuals to live a more meaningful and fulfilled life.


Ben has helped organisations throughout Asia as a training manager, instructional designer, leadership consultant, facilitator and coach.


Razif draws on his experience as an actor to help others develop powerful presentations through the systematic use of acting methods.


Thierry focuses on developing sustainable high-performance organisations by developing resilience in their workforces.


Christoffer’s works centres around creativity & innovation in large organisations, leadership development and design thinking.


If you'd like to contact one of our specialist partners, click the button on the right to go to our "Contact" page. Once there, proceed to fill in your details. In the "Enquiry / Message" section, type in the name of the partner you'd like to contact. Press the "Submit" button and we will get back to you shortly.