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4 unusual steps towards achieving your 2019 training goals

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The beginning of a new year is often the time for reflection and planning.

How should your training programmes perform this year?

What results do you want to achieve?

What could you do better?

Your employees are busy people, and it can be difficult to move them to sign up for training even when it clearly benefits them. Moreover, many HR and L&D professionals feel that the marketing around a new training programme is complete as soon as it goes live and they have sent out one email about it.

That’s often not enough!

Try a different perspective: Your training programmes are products and your employees, the customers. What makes customers buy a product?

4 steps to getting your employees to “buy” your training programmes

  1. Include information on training programmes in the onboarding material so that new employees are exposed to them right from the start.
  2. Marketing around training programmes should be done consistently. Involve your marketing department to develop a communications plan.
  3. Communicate how the training will benefit the employee, how it will improve his/her skills and knowledge for their next career steps.
  4. Involve management to make your training programmes a priority for next year.

These are the first steps towards achieving your 2019 training goals. If you are still planning for your 2019 training calendar, take a look at our solutions for Business Presentations training and Behaviour Change.

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Julia Saxena

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