Sales Skills Training

4 critical skills your sales team needs right now


The way people buy has changed. Nowadays, corporate buyers can sense salesy marketing messages from a mile away and avoid pushy sales reps who pressure them into a deal.

The new norm is: Everyone wants to buy, but nobody

Behaviour Change for Compliance Training

5 direct ways to improve your Compliance Training


The truth is, Compliance Training can be tough to implement. It’s probably the training that employees are least excited about. No wonder that many companies treat it as a mere checkbox exercise.

Actually, Compliance Training fulfills an important function

Presentation Training

How to spot if your people need presentation training

Have you sat through a presentation of one of your co-workers or even a senior leader and cringed a little, because you felt that it was not up to expectations? Often, you know subconsciously if a presentation is hitting the

onboarding process

6 tips to optimise your onboarding process

When was the last time you reviewed your onboarding process for new hires? It turns out that onboarding can make all the difference between a new employee’s success and him/her leaving the job prematurely.

There are solid statistics to back

Behaviour Change

4 steps towards behaviour change

Organisations just like yours have made substantial investments to establish learning programmes to develop employees and increase business performance. But most find it challenging to sustain behaviour change and prove results.

After your employees attend a training programme