Soft skills training

How to train for soft skills the right way


Hard to develop and difficult to measure. This is how, many HR and L&D professionals see soft skills. And they are mostly right. To train soft skills is a challenge, but we believe it’s one that’s worth undertaking. 


Halo effect cognitive bias

Why we’re all biased and what to do about it


Have you ever met someone who was immediately likable and sympathetic? It could have been because of the way they spoke or acted. At that moment you were much more likely to trust that person and believe what they

Refresher Training

3 questions answered about refresher training


An L&D dream come true would be a training programme that, run just once, leads to employees remembering and implementing everything from it. It would have an immediate impact on your business.

As we’ve explored here, this is

Sales Skills Training

4 critical skills your sales team needs right now


The way people buy has changed. Nowadays, corporate buyers can sense salesy marketing messages from a mile away and avoid pushy sales reps who pressure them into a deal.

The new norm is: Everyone wants to buy, but nobody