Strategy Execution

Strategic execution is the task of getting people to operationalise the strategy. It is setting to do what was planned. Within this framework, a significant portion of the work involves coming out with the strategy, communicating the strategy, aligning the individual roles, managing the relevant activities within the overall projects, making decisions, and reporting progress.

Our simulation, Strategic Feat, offers you the opportunity to experience executing a strategy under the pressure of time and engagement, in a safer and more congenial environment.

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You will see in particular how:

  • Successful execution involves the skills of change management as well as project management
  • Stakeholder support is obtained through leveraging the influence network
  • Effective communication is a two-way process of giving and gathering information, and
  • Risks and trade-offs are managed during the implementation

Bettina Buchel drew from her book “Smarter Execution”, written together with Xavier Gilbert and Rhoda Davidson, when designing this simulation. She is currently the Professor of Strategy and Organisation at IMD, Switzerland.



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