Other Solutions

Online Simulations 

We offer a series of online simulations in partnership with Ososim, UK – a global learning technology company that helps organisations build the gap between theory and practice. These simulations use  expertise from the worlds of artificial intelligence, corporate learning, gaming technology, neuroscience and organisational behaviour.

These simulations can be used for high potential graduates right through to senior leaders, and cover three key areas:

  • Leadership (including Change Leadership and Strategy Execution);
  • Management (including Stakeholder Communications and Intercultural Management);
  • Complex Sales

The simulations we offer are the following:

Delivered virtually or face-to-face, these simulations provide a rich setting for learning about collaboration, working in and managing virtual teams and decision-making under pressure. Simulations create a safe space to experiment with different scenarios and see problems from multiple perspectives. Real life projects can be integrated into learning to embed long-term behavioural change. At the end of each simulation, in-depth reports compare the performance of the group against others, to provide actionable feedback.

Our simulations are robust, easy-to-use and simple to run. We can facilitate them ourselves or provide online facilitator training and extensive facilitator guides to enable others to use the simulations.