Managing Stakeholders

Stakeholders are defined as “any individual or group who can affect or is affected by the achievement of the organisation’s objectives.” They contribute toward the value creation, knowledge, insight and support of a business’ objectives and activity execution if their consensus can be obtained through tactful negotiation.

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In our simulation, Hydro Laos, you will experience:

  • How to work within the given cultural and political environments to ensure that both the organisation’s and stakeholders’ needs are addressed and met successfully and optimally.
  • How to manage stakeholder relationships through a cycle of Analysis, Mapping, Engagement, and Continuous Assessment.
  • How to assess what goes on below the ‘iceberg’, and to read and respond to the different stakeholders’ social, emotional and personal needs and agendas.

Maarten Nijhoff Asser, an intercultural expert, designed this simulation with the Ososim team. He is co-author of the book, “The Global M&A Tango,” (2010) with Frons Trompenaars.