Change Management

Change management supports moving people, teams and organisations from a current state, through a transitional state and on to a future desired state. Globalisation and the constant innovation of technology are cited as the two main reasons business environments are constantly changing.

The organisation’s ability to adapt to change is essential for survival in the marketplace. Those quickest to adapt can create a competitive advantage for themselves, while those who are left behind are likely to suffer losses in market share and profit.

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Our two simulations are pre-eminently suited to tackle this area of change management, namely, I-Merger and I-Global. They are designed to allow participants to see and experience:

  • Dealing with stakeholders’ different, and sometimes conflicting, drivers
  • Varying communication methods and strategy; filtering and sharing information; which lead up to important aspect of understanding and using the influence network
  • Balancing financial and economic impact against human implications and consequences
  • Collaborating and setting common objectives against a backdrop of cultural diversity, geographical separation and organisational pressures.