B2B Sales

B2B sales are commercial sales transactions between businesses, such as that between a wholesaler and its retailers, and a manufacturer and its wholesalers or agents.

B2B sales is complex, time-consuming and costly activity. Therefore suppliers tend to seek long-term relationships as a way to foster trust, better service and repeat sales.

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Our simulation, Strategic Sales:

  • Is able to mimic these buyers’ behavioural responses to give participants an actual taste of what real-world selling is like, in a safer learning environment, where participants have a more congenial space to think through more thoughtful holistic and customer-centric responses.
  • Provides time-based responses to reflect the reality where regular communiqué has higher powers of convincing and influence compared to one-off irregular communication.
  • Provides participants with the experience to assess what goes on below the ‘iceberg’, and to read and respond to the different buyers’ social, emotional and personal needs and agendas.