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Client Relations

Salary: RM4000-RM6000 per month (not commission-based).
Location: Taman Desa, Kuala Lumpur.


  • Respond to inbound inquiries and web leads
  • Set up scoping calls and meetings between clients and consultants/trainers
  • Develop sales skills and product knowledge
  • Highly effective, organised use of CRM and Sales Pipeline System
  • Work with consultants/trainers to solve client problems
  • Work cross-functionally to coordinate pre-sales, proposals and post-programmes support for clients
  • Prepare standard and customised proposals in collaboration with consultants/trainers
  • Build trusting relationships, manage expectations
  • Work with integrity at all times
  • Manage sales cycle to close

Candidates with experience in sales, telemarketing or inbound sales in are encouraged to apply.

The professional who fits well in our firm:

  • Mixes easily with people of diverse backgrounds
  • Is resourceful (i.e. does not need high maintenance)
  • Is fluent in their core work, and does not need much supervision
  • Is willing to be supervised if their competency is low in a particular area, or if the item at hand is critical to the organisation
  • Follows company SOPs
  • Manages commitments (including daily ones) in ways that do not interfere with attending meetings or working towards tight deadlines.

Some of our people-centred practices:

  • Open-book policy: All finances are disclosed, including salaries.
  • 5-day week. Confirmed employees have a 1-day work-from-home option. We also have 'reduced-hours full-timers' option for staff who cannot commit to a 40-hour week.
  • No medical certificate is required for short-duration sick leave.
  • Types of leave: Annual, maternity, paternity, celebration, community service, retreat, care giving, and study leave.
  • Office attire is smart casual.
  • Everyone on first-name basis.
  • Whenever possible, we re-design jobs to fit a person's talents and professional goals.

Some complaints we have heard about our practices and policies:

  • Climbing stairs (with training bags sometimes) to get to the office (we’re on the second floor).
  • Most of your time will be spent in the office, at least in the first 6 months.
  • During crunch times, the work-week might stretch to 60 hours or more, resulting in late nights or lost weekends. This can happen several times each quarter.
  • New hires sometimes have lots of ideas on how to change things, but many of these are deemed unsuitable by senior management. It can be frustrating.

Awards & Recognition:

  • Best Management Training Provider – Gold Winner, 2018
  • Best Management Training Provider – Silver Winner, 2017
  • SME Employer of the Year, 2017
  • Employee Work Life Balance – Bronze Winner, 2016

To apply, please:

  • Fill in our application form.
  • Send a 1-2-minute video of yourself to +6011 3570 5688 answering the following three questions:
    -Your name
    -What you don’t like about policies, peers and bosses in your previous jobs
    -What are your top 2 strengths

* You are encouraged to submit your application as soon as possible as we will close the processing of applications (and remove listing this position) once we have identified suitable candidates.

Please do not send us your resume – save that for the Individual Interview phase.

If you have any questions, email us at [email protected].

Vacancies for Part-Time Writers for Post-Training Activities

Experience NOT necessary as training will be provided.
Part-time/project-based work, with most work done from home if preferred.
Office: Taman Desa, Kuala Lumpur.
Fees: RM20-50/hour based on experience and fluency in the process. May be higher for unusually complex projects.

Job Scope:

  • Review clients’ training programme materials
  • Probe and create action plans
  • Write and upload post-training activities

Skills and Qualifications:

  • Love to write
  • Can write clearly, using simple English
  • Can ask good probing questions
  • Degree holder
  • Analytical and conceptual
  • Detailed
  • Able to give, receive and apply constructive feedback
  • Able to meet deadlines

To apply, please:

Fill in application form and send this together with your CV to [email protected]