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The professional who fits well in our firm:

  • Works hard to become an expert - a process that includes a lot of reading.
  • Enjoys working with large corporations across multiple industries.
  • Mixes easily with people of diverse backgrounds.
  • Is resourceful (i.e. does not need high maintenance).
  • Does not need much supervision.


 Some of our People-Centred Practices

  • 5-day week with flexi-time and work-from-home options.
  • For short-duration sick leave, no medical certificate is required.
  • Types of leave: Annual, Paternity, Community Service, Retreat and Study leave. Typically self-determined.
  • We decline work with certain industries and allow trainers to decline work on grounds of personal conscience. (Look at our client list to see if you're comfortable working with most of them.)
  • Office attire is smart casual.
  • Everyone on first-name basis.
  • Open-book policy: All finances are disclosed, including salaries.

Some Complaints We Have Heard About Our Practices And Policies

  • Our trainers sometimes have to travel on weekends. Even though such travel is compensated with additional Annual Leave, it can be disruptive to personal weekend commitments.
  • During crunch times the work-week might stretch to 60 hours or more, resulting in late nights or lost weekends. This can happen several times each quarter.
  • While we have a 40-hour work week policy (with very flexible hours), in reality, most practitioners have to put in 10 or more extra hours each week because of accreditations and workshop preparations.
  • New hires sometimes have lots of ideas on how to change things, but many of these are deemed unsuitable by senior management. It can be frustrating.

Learning & Development Specialists

We hire aspiring specialists who are willing to study and facilitate a range of training programmes, find their area of passion, and then craft that passion into international-level expertise. This process typically takes several years and it is not for everyone.

Applying To Join Us

Because international work is demanding, our hiring process for Learning & Development specialists usually includes the following phases:

  • Application Form
  • Group Interview/Workshop Attendance
  • Individual Interview (may include Aptitude Test/s for Writing, Comprehension, and Conceptualising)
  • Psychometric tests
  • Trainer Demonstration (may require self-study)
  • Final Interview

For other positions, the hiring process is less stringent.
Application Form: Download application form here
Please do not send us your resume - save that for the individual interview phase. If you have any questions, email us at [email protected].

College / University Students Are Welcome As Well

To all college/university students!

We are offering temporary work placements for interns and part-timers.

The type of candidate we wish to work with has these qualities:

  • May not be experienced, but is open to learning
  • Is willing to stretch themselves to gain the most out of their work experience
  • Is constantly trying to be better at their work

If you would like to get valuable work experience that will equip you with important skills and values, then follow these steps:

  1. Download the application form by clicking here.
  2. Fill the form up.
  3. Send the filled up form to [email protected].