Think on Your Feet®

Build the communication skills that make for efficient meetings, successful projects, and satisfied clients

Effective communication is key for every business that wants to grow and prosper. What most organisations don’t realise is that every single communication moment counts – the informal occasions such as off-the-cuff discussions, emails, and spontaneous elevator pitches, as much as the formal settings like meetings, conference calls, and presentations. 

In every moment, communication makes the difference between moving the business in the right direction or hindering progress. Unfortunately, many professionals struggle to get their message across clearly. 


What are the common communication problems that hurt your business?

  • Professionals don’t speak up even if they have brilliant ideas.
  • Staff fear to be put on the spot to face challenging questions.
  • Poorly written emails and proposals cause confusion and rework. 
  • Rambling speakers fail to get to the point and waste time in meetings. 

The good news is that anybody can learn to communicate with Clarity, Brevity, and Impact® in every situation. Let us show you how! 


Introducing Think on Your Feet®

Think on Your Feet® is a practical programme that teaches professionals how to communicate in a way that’s clear, coherent, and to the point, by organising their thoughts and structuring their answers.


How Think on Your Feet® works

Your staff will learn simple, step-by-step methods for structured communication that can be applied in speaking and writing. 

By the end of this programme, they’ll know how to...

  • Communicate their ideas and perspectives to anyone and in any situation.
  • Speak spontaneously with clarity, brevity, and impact.
  • Respond effectively to difficult questions on the spot.
  • Sell the benefits of their ideas persuasively.
  • Stay in control of a conversation by guiding the listener’s responses. 
  • Be memorable in conversations to build valuable relationships with others. 
  • Gain confidence and handle the fear of speaking in public. 


What makes Think on Your Feet® so effective?  

  • It integrates left and right brain thinking to transform the communication style of your staff into a common language that everyone understands. 
  • It’s fully focused on the practical applications of the methods with plenty of opportunities for participants to practice the new communication style.  
  • It can be easily tailored to fit any company-specific audience and corporate culture. 
  • It can be taken in-house to give you the full flexibility in the delivery of the programme.


Who will benefit most from Think on Your Feet®?

This programme is perfect for all levels of the organisation. Especially …

  • Senior professionals, managers, and leaders who regularly present and defend ideas during meetings. 
  • Professionals who need to convince in sales and negotiations. 
  • Young talents who want to lay the groundwork for career advancement. 


Your Business Impact 

Faster decision-making: With clear communication, managers have the information they need to make the right decisions for the business more quickly. 


Efficient meetings: A common language ensures that everybody is on the same page at all times. 


Confident employees: Your staff will come across as confident, persuasive, and trustworthy whether they’re answering questions after a presentation or responding to their bosses in meetings.


What our clients say about Think on Your Feet®

“I walked out of this course and immediately started using the techniques. I already have good communication skills, but this has taken things to another level. I can see the difference in the emails that I send and the presentations that I create. I’m recommending the course to everyone, as you can use the structures with clients, your team and with management."

- An employee at a multinational computer technology company


“Think on Your Feet® is an integral part of our learning curriculum. We use it to: 

  • build interpersonal and leadership skills
  • get clear messaging across the organisation 
  • increase productivity

With rigorous practice of the Think on Your Feet® techniques, we are enabling our workforce to be more clear, concise and memorable in their communications.” 

- A Think on Your Feet® facilitator at one of the Big Four accounting firms


“It really helps to structure my thoughts and communicate them with clarity. It is so impactful for effective communication of ideas and opinions.”

- Georgina Menggu, Business Development, MISC Bhd


Learn how international companies benefitted from Think on Your Feet®


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