The Project Pitch

Prepare and deliver crystal clear pitches to senior management that will speed up decision-making and move the business forward


Senior management teams are often disappointed when listening to pitches for a business solution. 

This is because of 3 distinct problems:

  1. The structure isn’t well-thought-out, making it difficult to get a clear picture of the problem, opportunity, and solution.
  2. The slides have a lot of data, but fail to highlight the key messages and insights, so senior managers have to come to their own conclusions. 
  3. The delivery doesn’t meet the high standards of senior management presentations. Posture, eye contact, voice, and gestures aren’t used strategically to keep the audience engaged and glued to their seats.


What are the consequences of ill-prepared, ineffective pitches?

  • They waste senior managers’ time because a lot of clarifying questions are needed.
  • They can irritate senior managers and shed an unfavourable light on the presenter.  
  • They result in significant opportunity costs for both sides when the pitch needs to be reworked. 

Most importantly, ineffective presentations slow down the decision-making process for business-critical problems in your organisation.

But, it doesn’t have to be this way! What if your talents had access to a personal trainer who prepares them for their big pitch?


Introducing The Project Pitch

We understand that strong presentation skills are not just needed, but crucial for high-stakes presentations that must sell business ideas to upper management. A successful pitch involves intense preparation and a range of advanced skills.

That’s why we’ve developed The Project Pitch. We work with your talents to build a clear, compelling case and teach them how to deliver it in a highly engaging manner

By the end of this programme, your talents will have mastered a bundle of key presentation skills that are invaluable for the rest of their careers.


How The Project Pitch works

Your talents will learn how to …

  • Craft a strong business case that presents their solution logically, clearly, and persuasively, so that senior managers can make a fast decision on their proposal.
  • Create slides that get the point across effectively and don’t distract from the speaker. 
  • Deliver their pitch in an engaging, high-standard manner that leaves a great impression. 
  • Anticipate and handle tough questions with ease to build their confidence.  


We achieve this by providing ...

  • In-depth training and analysis, as well as intensive, personalised coaching, delivered just in time to get your talents ready for their big pitch.
  • A customisable programme, drawing on our experience and expertise in solving a range of business presentation issues.
  • A 12-week post-training reinforcement solution to ensure that the newly-learned skills become second nature. 


Who will benefit most from The Project Pitch?

The Project Pitch is perfect for talents, future leaders, and technical specialists from all areas of the business, pitching to senior management. 


Your Business Impact 

Faster decision-making: Senior managers can move the business forward by implementing solutions to key problems or opportunities more quickly.

Clear communication: Everyone is saved from time-wasting, ineffective pitches and rewarded with pleasant, engaging presentations. 

Confident talents: Your future leaders and specialists gain valuable skills that will benefit them for the rest of their career. 


What our clients say about The Project Pitch

“I spoke with the participants and all of them—without exception, praised the trainers and the programme. Our top managers really liked how the participants were prepared and how the presentations were delivered. I knew some of the participants and saw how they presented prior to the training. I must admit, I observed a huge jump in their performance and skills. The results are extremely impressive!”

- Vitaly Tikhonov, Head of Business Strategy and Development, Zurich Insurance Ltd.


Curious to learn more?

Contact us today, and we’ll be happy to answer any questions that you might have about The Project Pitch.