The Case Maker™ Suite

Make an impact with persuasive communication

Some professionals seem to know intuitively how to influence their peers and even senior management, while others struggle to get buy-in for their ideas. As a result, decisions are delayed, and opportunities are lost. The root cause is usually a lack of communication skills that lead to:

  • Unclear and unconvincing proposals
  • Poorly packaged ideas
  • Lack of vital information and sound justification

The good news is, there is no secret to persuasive communication. Everybody can learn to deliver ideas eloquently and convincingly. It is an important skill that most presentation programmes don’t cover. But once mastered, it pays back in positive revenue, excellent work relations, and increased employee retention.

What if everybody in your organisation could improve their persuasion skills?

The Case Maker™ Suite is our state-of-the-art series of persuasion training programmes that will teach your technical experts and managers the art of structured persuasive communication. It covers all skill levels and even includes a solution for teams.

Three programmes to change the way your people communicate

The Case Maker™ Fundamentals

Teaches employees and managers how to communicate their

suggestions and ideas to any audience effectively. Participants will learn how to:

  • Remove any mental barriers and overcome procrastination that stops them from preparing for a presentation
  • Analyse their audience using a simple 6-step process
  • Frame their proposal to suit the audience perfectly
  • Justify their case using several justification tools that will leave no doubt with the audience
  • Use storyboards to bring everything together into a presentation that is logical and flows well for the listeners

 The Case Maker™ Advanced

Teaches senior managers advanced techniques for high-stakes proposals and complex situations. Participants will learn how to:

  • Analyse their audience and use this information to frame their proposals
  • Build multi-layered arguments for their case and test them for flaws and loopholes
  • Justify their case with any of 20 different justification tools
  • Anticipate and confidently handle questions about facts and/or opinions
  • Visualise ideas using diagrams and images
  • Use short-cuts to write a workable presentation script in a fraction of the time that it typically takes most people
  • Rehearse effectively and in a way that builds confidence

 Suggestions @ Work

Teaches teams the fundamentals of structured and effective communication. Participants will learn how to:

  • Analyse an audience in seconds and get all crucial information for the next step
  • Frame proposals using storyboards, so that the audience almost can’t say no
  • Justify their ideas and suggestions, so that difficult follow-up questions can be handled with ease

Your Business Impact

Improved meeting effectiveness: Employees will be able to present with structure and clarity, saving everyone’s time and sanity.

More clients: Your clients will find it hard to say no after they hear your technical specialists and managers present.

Increased employee engagement: Clear and easy communication is an essential component of a productive and engaging work environment.

BONUS: The Case Maker™ Suite comes with our tested and proven Behaviour Change System.

What our clients say about The Case Maker™ Suite

Excellent programme for higher level presentations and meetings - Janine Ramsay, PwC

Very structured, informative and, most importantly, very applicable - Sarina Malar, Scope International (Malaysia)

Thought-provoking. Easy to follow steps. Can be applied immediately to my work - Haymanth Indran, Mesiniaga