The Case Maker™ Advanced


Senior managers and technical experts are expected to present their ideas and change the minds of leadership teams, high-value clients, and even government bodies. At this level in their careers, presentations are a daily occurrence. However, they often don’t hit the mark.  

What is the prevailing problem? We found that about 80% of managers and professionals don’t know how to frame and justify complex business proposals in a way that fits the expectations of their audience.


What are the consequences of weak business proposals?

  • Unconvincing presentations can alienate potential new clients and help your competition. 
  • When internal presentations lack vital information and clarity, decisions are delayed, slowing down the progress towards important business goals.
  • Weak presentations reflect poorly on senior managers and technical experts, which can hurt their chances for career advancement.  

The good news is: There is no secret to persuasive business proposals! Everybody can learn to present ideas eloquently and convincingly. Let us show you how.


Introducing The Case Maker™ Advanced

The Case Maker™ Advanced is your complete toolkit for creating and presenting persuasive business proposals to demanding audiences. It teaches your senior managers and technical experts how to structure a compelling proposal and present it with clarity and confidence. 

This programme incorporates advanced techniques in audience analysis, proposal structure, storytelling, influencing skills, and delivery to achieve maximum engagement and buy-in from the audience. 


How The Case Maker™ Advanced works

In only two days, your professionals will gain fluency in powerful presentation tools and develop confidence and speed in crafting and delivering persuasive business proposals.

By the end of the programme, they will have mastered how to ...

  • Analyse their audience using a simple 6-step process that will quickly become second nature.
  • Frame their proposals, so they can be sure that their presentation will meet expectations. 
  • Justify their proposals with any of the 20 different justification tools to leave no doubt with the audience. 
  • Build multi-layered arguments for their proposal and test them for flaws and loopholes.
  • Use short-cuts to write a workable presentation script in a fraction of the time that it typically takes most people.
  • Organise their presentation from start to finish by using storytelling techniques to keep the audience glued to their seats. 
  • Visualise ideas using diagrams and images to support their case instead of distracting from it.
  • Script and rehearse presentations in a way that builds confidence and fluency. 
  • Anticipate and handle questions and objections with ease using our easy-to-implement formulas. 


What makes The Case Maker™ Advanced so effective?

It’s the right mix of theory and practice! Our approach makes the difference:

  • A thought-out learning journey moves participants from understanding the tools as a group to applying them as a group and individually.
  • A focus on the application and practice of the tools with real-world cases gives your participants the confidence to use them in the workplace. 
  • Clarity Boards™ take participants through the full process from having an idea, over analysing their audience to presenting their proposal with a clear structure.
  • Trainers with international experience across multiple industries have been rigorously accredited to deliver the same game-changing results consistently.
  • A 12-week post-training reinforcement solution ensures that your staff will apply the skills at the workplace. This includes mini-assignments to make several proposals at work using our tools.


BONUS: The Learning Leader Award

The participant with the highest score at the end of the 12-week post-training reinforcement receives The Learning Leader Award, acknowledging him or her for bringing new knowledge and skills to the workplace. Hand out this award at a team or company function to inspire and motivate other staff. It proves that new skills and knowledge can be learned and successfully applied after attending training.


What makes The Case Maker™ Advanced different from other presentation skills programmes?

The typical presentation skills training focuses on teaching participants how to deliver a presentation. That’s a start but won’t provide the results you’re looking for. The Case Maker™ Advanced, on the other hand, is one of the very few programmes that concentrate on the underlying thoughts and structure that are necessary to communicate business proposals convincingly. 

The Case Maker™ Advanced programme has been conducted for global organisations in China, Korea, India, Germany, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, the US, and the UK since 2003. Participants ranging from CEOs and senior leaders over engineers and Big Four consultants to accountants and management trainees have already benefited from it. Over the years, we’ve fine-tuned it to perfectly meet the needs of today’s global organisations.


Who will benefit most from The Case Maker™ Advanced?

This programme is perfect for senior managers and technical experts who regularly present complex proposals to internal or external stakeholders, such as top management, the board of directors, B2B clients, and government bodies.


Your Business Impact 

Faster decision-making: When managers present proposals with structure and clarity, critical business goals can be achieved faster. 


Increased sales: Your clients will find it hard to say no after they hear your managers present.


Confident professionals: Being able to present well in any situation gives your senior managers and technical experts a boost in confidence and an edge in their career. 


What our clients say about The Case Maker™ Advanced

“This programme was really an eye-opener for me on the critical points of preparing our case before we present it to business leaders and key stakeholders.”

- Theresia Kusumaningtyas, ?Head of Learning and Development, ?PT Bank ANZ Indonesia


“This is exactly the type of training we're looking for to bring our proposal creation and thought process to the next level.”

- Jiwa Nathan, Senior VP, K and N Kenanga 


“The entire programme is comprehensive and well-planned, organized and easy to learn and most importantly, useful and ease of application of this new knowledge.”

- Richard Chai, Manager, S P Setia


“Thought-provoking. Easy to follow steps. Can be applied immediately to my work.”

- Haymanth Indran, Mesiniaga 


Curious to learn more?

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