Suggestions @ Work

Improve your workplace one suggestion at a time


Your employees are full of brilliant ideas which have the capacity to advance your organisation – think improved processes, happier clients, and new ways of doing business. 

However, many professionals never voice their suggestions. Or if they do, they don’t present their ideas in a way that attracts the attention and approval of decision-makers. 


Is your organisation missing out on game-changing opportunities?

When professionals communicate their suggestions haphazardly, decision-makers often struggle to identify the benefits for the business and how to proceed.

As a result, they might dismiss excellent ideas simply because they weren’t presented effectively. 

But, what if you could give everyone in your organisation a common, easy-to-understand structure for communicating suggestions and ideas


Introducing Suggestions @ Work 

Suggestions @ Work gives your staff the voice they need. They will learn a simple, effective structure to communicate their thoughts, ideas, and suggestions in any situation and to anyone.

In this one-day workshop, they’ll gain fluency in powerful communication tools and develop their speed in crafting persuasive proposals for their ideas.


How Suggestion @ Work works

Your employees will learn how to ...

  • Analyse any audience in seconds and gather crucial information for their suggestion.
  • Frame suggestions using Clarity Boards™, so that the audience almost can’t say no.
  • Justify their suggestions convincingly to speed up decision-making. 

We achieve this by providing ...

  • A thought-out learning journey that moves from understanding the concepts as a group to applying them individually.
  • A simple, structured template for framing and justifying suggestions that can be used in any situation. 
  • Clarity Boards™ that take participants through the full process from analysing their audience to framing and justifying their suggestions. 
  • A 12-week post-training reinforcement solution to ensure that your staff will apply the skills at the workplace. This includes mini-assignments to make several suggestions at work using our template.


BONUS: The Frame Award

All participants put their new skills and tools to use in a friendly competition. The suggestion that best suits the audience wins The Frame Award.

BONUS: The Learning Leader Award 

The participant with the highest score at the end of the 12-week post-training reinforcement receives The Learning Leader Award, acknowledging him or her for bringing new knowledge and skills to the workplace. Hand out this award at a team or company function to inspire and motivate other staff. It proves that new skills and knowledge can be learned and successfully applied after attending training.


Who will benefit most from Suggestions @ Work?

This programme benefits employees at all levels of the organisation. 


Your Business Impact 

Faster decision-making: When employees communicate ideas with structure, managers have the information they require to make the right decisions more quickly. 

Productive meetings: All employees communicate suggestions with structure and clarity, saving everyone’s time and sanity.

Increased employee engagement: Clear and easy communication is an essential component of a productive and engaging work environment.


Curious to learn more?

Contact us today, and we’ll be happy to answer any questions that you might have about Suggestions @ Work.