Q&A Made Easy

Turn the dreaded Q&A session into the highlight of your presentation with our easy-to-implement formulas


Professionals work hard to develop the right structure, prepare insightful slides, and hone their delivery skills, only to derail their otherwise successful presentation during Q&A. 

Most presenters don’t handle questions well for two reasons:

  • They didn’t anticipate the question and are caught off guard.
  • They know the answer but can’t articulate it well enough to satisfy the audience.


How weak Q&A sessions can hurt the presenter and your business

  • Poor answers irritate the audience and make it seem like the presenter doesn’t know the topic well.  
  • Too many instances of “Let me get back to you!” slow down the decision-making process and ultimately the business.
  • The audience leaves with a negative impression of the presenter, possibly hurting his or her chances for career advancement. 

But, what if your presenters could finally handle Q&A with ease?


Introducing Q&A Made Easy

Hardly any presentation training programme covers the dreaded Q&A session due to the prevailing thought: “If you know your topic, you should be able to answer well”. But that’s easier said than done!

We’ve combed through hundreds of Q&A sessions to identify what exactly presenters who answer questions exceptionally well, do. We’ve decoded the secrets and turned them into easy-to-implement formulas that your staff can benefit from immediately.


How Q&A Made Easy works

Your staff will learn how to …

  • Think through their work, role, and topic in a more thorough and structured way using “Thinking Shapes”.
  • Generate questions they might get asked, using the 4 C’s (Compile, Clarify, Collect, Construct).
  • Compose a great answer using the “Keywords + Heart, Facts + Point of View” formula.
  • Use specific phrases of excellent presenters to connect with their audience and convey their answer.


BONUS: Clarity Boards™

All participants will receive our signature Clarity Boards™ that they can use to easily prepare for any presentation or meeting after the programme.  


BONUS: The “Bring It On!” Award

There will be a friendly and fun competition where all participants demonstrate their improved ability to answer questions. The winner takes home the “Bring It On! Award”.


Who will benefit most from Q&A Made Easy?

This programme is perfect for non-managers and senior executives from all areas of the organisation, especially those who have already attended a presentation training. 


Your Business Impact 

Solid business cases: With all questions answered satisfactorily, managers are more convinced of business proposals and can make quicker decisions. 

Less irritation: Clear and concise answers end the presentation on a positive note and result in a pleasant atmosphere. 

Confident staff: Being able to handle difficult questions well, does wonders for the self-esteem and overall well-being of your people. 


What our clients say about Q&A Made Easy

“Helps me structure my thoughts.”

“Don’t just answer: think, structure, then talk.”

“Keywords and themes give clarity and help me answer better.”

“I learnt the importance of anticipation, in that it’s equally important as answering the question well.”

“Thinking Shapes helped me wrap my mind around the topic. They expand the way I think, which is otherwise limited.”


Curious to learn more?

Contact us today, and we’ll be happy to answer any questions that you might have about Q&A Made Easy.