Presentations Alive!™

Presentations Alive!™ has been given to more than 14,000 corporate participants throughout the Asia-Pacific region over the past 21 years.

It's our fundamentals programme that focuses on imparting the skills for a professional presentation - what many individual contributors and managers need early on in their careers. 

In addition to learning from their own videotaped presentations, participants learn how to structure a presentation text, the do’s and don’ts of visual aids, how to use posture, eye contact, voice and gestures to raise impact, and methods to remain calm, confident and energised.

  • Participants receive a high-quality printed manual with copies of the slides, four articles, feedback cards, and a fold-out take-away tool for use at the workplace
  • Learning is drilled deep through lots of coaching and feedback from the trainer and peers
  • Participants become more professional and more confident when they present
  • Everyone thoroughly enjoys themselves while working really hard