Presentations Alive!™ Licensing

Imagine what your internal meetings will look and sound like once everyone who presents at meetings knows how to create and deliver engaging presentations. Our Presentations Alive!™ Licensing programme helps make this happen.

  • Save a significant amount by moving away from external training and implementing internal training
  • Train staff in a common set of business presentation skills
  • Build the training capacity of your trainers and managers and leverage it for future programmes
  • Have in your hands a robust programme that has been given to over 12,000 corporate participants throughout the Asia-Pacific region for more than twenty years

Join organisations like these who are currently running, or have run Presentations Alive!™

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Contact us now to schedule an appointment to discuss the Presentations Alive!™ Licensing Programme, and get your internal trainers accredited so that you can start saving 50% or more of your Presentation Skills training costs.

Our Licensing Model also gets your trainers the 3-day Certification Workshop for FREE.