How To Ask Good Questions

Grow and improve your business with critical thinking and the right questions


What helps businesses improve and grow as quickly as possible? Critical thinking packaged in thought-provoking questions being asked at the right time. 

Unfortunately, most meetings and town halls are one-way communication events because the audience simply doesn’t ask questions. This is unacceptable for dynamic companies with ambitious growth plans.  


Why is it so important that your staff ask critical questions?

When your talents, technical experts and managers remain quiet and don’t add to the discussion, it hurts your organisation. The consequences are ...

  • Legitimate concerns won’t be addressed on time. 
  • Decisions lack quality because crucial input is missing. 
  • Plans miss essential details that affect certain stakeholders. 

Ultimately, your business will move forward much slower than it could be. 


What keeps most professionals from asking critical questions? 

We’ve found the common reasons: 

  • They don’t know how to think about the issue on-the-spot when listening to a presentation or participating in a meeting. 
  • They don’t know how to formulate and verbalise their thoughts clearly.
  • They are afraid of looking naive in front of their peers and managers if their question comes out wrong.  
  • They don’t want to alienate senior leaders by questioning their reasoning and authority.

But, what if asking critical questions could become second-nature for your professionals? 


Introducing How to Ask Good Questions  

We’ve developed this short programme as a response to our clients grappling with the inability of their staff to ask the right questions at the right time. 

How to Ask Good Questions combines critical thinking techniques with practical communication tools that your staff can use immediately on the job. 

By the end of this programme, your participants will be able to: 

  • Generate intelligent questions on the spot during Q&A, internal meetings, presentations, and town hall sessions. 
  • Formulate critical questions that add value to any discussion and move it forward without undermining others.  
  • Verbalise questions clearly and confidently in a way that reflects positively on them.


Who will benefit most from How to Ask Good Questions?

This programme is perfect for talents, middle-managers, and any professionals whose input is invaluable in moving the organisation forward. 


Your Business Impact 

Better meetings: Clear questions move discussions in the right direction and make meetings more productive. 


Less irritation: Well-thought-out queries avoid annoyance and confusion during meetings and town halls. 


Confident staff: The ability to speak up and ask even tricky questions in any situation creates self-assured professionals. 


Curious to learn more?

Contact us today, and we’ll be happy to answer any questions that you might have about How to Ask Good Questions.