Executive Presentations Coaching

When the stakes are high, we help your senior leaders to perform at their best.

Senior executives are always in the spotlight. Each time they make a presentation, they have the opportunity to engage, inspire and move people to action. Whether they present internally or externally, they always represent the whole organisation and its brand. This also means that every time a presentation falls short, the organisation’s brand suffers.

Imagine the opportunity costs when a client opts for a competitor after an unconvincing presentation. Organisations simply can’t afford weak presentations by their senior leaders.

There are many situations where executives need strong presentation skills:

  • When they are being considered for a promotion
  • When they assume a new leadership role
  • When they make key sales presentations
  • When they present at industry conferences

What if your senior leaders had access to a personal coach who prepares them for high stakes presentations?

Executive Presentations Coaching is for senior executives who are proficient in technical skills and business knowledge but want to polish their presentations and develop an executive presence.

How Executive Presentations Coaching works

Time is scarce for senior leaders, so every coaching session is fully personalised to address each leader’s specific needs, like closing gaps or bringing out their strengths.  Those needs are determined in a preliminary conversation between coach and coachee, followed by a baseline presentation at the first coaching session. Typical goals of our coachees are:

  • Strengthening the clarity of their content
  • Mastering advanced delivery skills
  • Removing bad presentation habits
  • Learning strategies to adjust language and delivery style to suit different audiences
  • Developing a personal style
  • Developing strong executive presence

Our presentation coaches incorporate a variety of methods into the programme to reach the individual goals of the coachee. Here are some of them:

  • NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) strategies for modelling of excellence
  • Dry runs and role plays with personalised feedback
  • Video recording for immediate review
  • Summary emails to the coachee after every session

Coachees are free to continue or stop the coaching as they see fit. When they feel that they have learned enough, or they aren’t learning enough to merit their time investment, we can end the coaching sessions then or at any time.

Your Business Impact

Stronger brand: A senior leader with strong presentation skills represents and strengthens the brand whenever appearing in public.

Engaged employees: An impactful internal presentation can motivate employees and push critical projects forward.

Improved client relations: Effective sales presentation secure new contracts and repeat business.

BONUS: The coachee receives unlimited email support throughout the duration of the programme.


What our clients say about Executive Presentations Coaching

I have always been impressed by the high level of competence and professionalism exhibited by People Potential. WWF-Malaysia's recent Senior Management training on Advanced Delivery Masterclass was conducted by Marianne Vincent in a way that appreciated our employment levels and competencies, and ensured that the training took us to a new level. I have seen team members put into practice the new learning - this was an investment well spent, no doubt. I wish we had planned more time to learn more. - Datuk Dr Dionysius S.K. Sharma, CEO, WWF

The one-on-one executive coaching session we had was very productive and valuable to me. Honestly, I was sceptical that I could actually improve my skills within 3 hours. Instead, I was pleasantly surprised to be proven wrong.

The coach was very observant, and his analysis and solutions were spot on. His anecdotes strengthened his points and hit home with me. He targeted only specific areas for me to improve, yet it rapidly grew to have positive influence on my whole presence, style and demeanour when delivering presentation. I came out of that session with clear set of takeaways, made fully aware of areas to improve and how to improve.

I would certainly recommend him to my other colleagues who want to improve their presentation skills. - Afizul Md Yusoff, Specialist Finance Operations, Edotco Malaysia