Behaviour Change System

Don’t leave the impact of your L&D programmes up to chance

Organisations just like yours have made notable investments over the years to establish learning programmes with the aim to develop your employees and ultimately increase business performance. But most find it challenging to sustain behaviour change and prove results.

This is due to a persistent problem: most learning is not applied at the workplace. As much as 90% of learning is forgotten within a month if there is no conscious effort made to retain it. Without reinforcement and engagement, there is little chance for a change in behaviour.

What if you could have a proven set of robust tools to stimulate and drive new behaviour?

People Potential partnered with Mindmarker, the leader in training reinforcement, to drive lasting behaviour change.  Together, we are bridging the gap between training and business impact. How? With a proven methodology that is delivered through award-winning technology.

This is how it works

Mindmarker's Behaviour Change System can work for any of your existing training programmes and it is already integrated in all of our training programmes.

Design: We take your existing training materials and learning objectives to design your customised Behaviour Change System.

Execute: The Mindmarker app will send out carefully balanced bite-sized reinforcement content to your learners in the 12 weeks following training.

Apply: Each reinforcement message is expertly crafted to increase knowledge retention and drive lasting behaviour change.

Analyse: Real-time data provides valuable insights for L&D/HR managers and participants that can be used to improve your training strategies and programme effectiveness.

Your Business Impact

Learning is reinforced, and retention increased.

Change in employee’s behaviour is actively tracked.

Behaviour change is linked to business results.

BONUS: All our training programmes, such as The Case Maker™ or Presentations Alive!™, come packed with a Behaviour Change System!

What our clients say about Mindmarker’s Behaviour Change System

“We make significant efforts to invest in highly robust and effective learning tools. And without a doubt, our organisation realised that the level of detail the Mindmarker reports cover were more valuable than what our LMS system could generate in tracking and driving behaviour change… I wonder why it took us so long. Now we are seeing higher productivity and performances across all our staff. It was worth the investment.”

Melanie Waters, Global Q&C I/T Training & Development Manager, Johnson & Johnson

“The LMS space is crowded and to get a different and major disruptor in such a way is amazing... We strive to make our staff engaged and learn on-the-go but also apply that with the impact and effectiveness that drives our business goals. Mindmarker ticked all boxes. The results are undeniable. Now we use it on all core in-house programmes."

Katie Lackey, Senior Vice President Learning & Leadership Development, Bank of America

“As one of the world’s leading biotech companies, our staff push the boundary in experiential learning. To keep them motivated, engaged, and applying that to unlock an infinite space of new technological breakthroughs, we have found Mindmarker to suit that role. We have tried other alternatives but not with similar return on our investment, impact and fantastic analytics.”

Omar Nielson, Sr. Manager Learning Technologies, Genentech