Advanced Delivery Skills Masterclass

Learn to present with impact and flair, so each presentation hits the mark – in just a few hours with a presentation specialist


Most senior managers have received some presentation skills training early on in their careers. But as they progress, the stakes for their presentations rise, and their basic skills aren’t serving them well anymore

We’ve noticed that many senior managers ...

  • Create thought-out presentations but fail to deliver them with gusto and impact. 
  • Don’t tailor their presentations to suit different audiences such as direct reports, peers, or the C-suite.
  • Have developed various “presentation habits” over the years that hurt their reputation and effectiveness.


How ineffective presentations can hurt your business

When presentations by senior managers fail to make an impact, your business misses out on valuable opportunities ...

  • A potential client opts for a competitor.
  • Employees aren’t engaged or moved to action. 
  • Important business proposals fail to persuade the C-suite.

Sadly, many organisations have come to accept uninspiring presentations. The prevailing notion is ...

“If a senior manager isn’t engaging and impactful by now, then there’s probably nothing much that can be done.”

But, mediocre presentations don’t have to be the norm! Your senior managers can level up their presentation skills in just a few hours.


Introducing the Advanced Delivery Skills Masterclass

Our Advanced Delivery Skills Masterclass is designed to improve senior managers’ presentations on the spot, in a short, intensive session with an experienced presentations specialist.

Senior managers will receive personalised coaching that focuses not only on polishing their existing skills but also on adding new techniques to their repertoire. 

The Masterclass format is highly customisable. It can be designed for a few participants at a time, or senior managers can come in individually. 


How the Advanced Delivery Skills Masterclass works

Senior managers will ...

  • Have the full attention of a presentation specialist for intensive, personalised coaching.
  • Receive immediate feedback, so that they can improve on the spot.
  • Only learn what they need to improve on, saving them valuable time. 
  • Learn advanced skills, such as choreography and spatial gestures.
  • Correct any habits that interfere with their presentation effectiveness, like too many filler words and poor posture.

Without having to ...

  • Spend a whole day or more in a training programme.
  • Sit through lectures that aren’t relevant to them.
  • Listen to the presentations of dozens of other participants. 


Who will benefit most from the Advanced Delivery Skills Masterclass?

This Masterclass is perfect for senior managers from all areas of the business who want to take their presentations skills to the next level. 


Your Business Impact 

Increased sales: Convincing presentations will win over new clients and generate new business for your organisation. 

Better business relationships: Engaging presentations delivered with flair will foster crucial relationships with clients and partners. 

Engaged employees: Impactful internal presentation will inspire and move your people to action.


What our clients say about the Advanced Delivery Skills Masterclass

“I have always been impressed by the high level of competence and professionalism exhibited by People Potential. WWF-Malaysia's recent Senior Management training on Advanced Delivery Masterclass was conducted by Marianne Vincent in a way that appreciated our employment levels and competencies and ensured that the training took us to a new level. I have seen team members put into practice the new learning - this was an investment well spent, no doubt. I wish we had planned more time to learn more.”

- Datuk Dr Dionysius S.K. Sharma, CEO, WWF


Curious to learn more?

Contact us today, and we’ll be happy to answer any questions that you might have about the Advanced Delivery Skills Masterclass.