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Presenting is a key communication skill

The ability to present ideas clearly and persuasively is one of the essential communication skills for today’s professionals. Whether it’s a 5-minute project update, a pitch to a new client, or a major proposal to the CEO, presenting with clarity and persuasiveness saves time, moves the organisation forward, builds valuable relationships, and motivates teams.


Presenting is more than just delivery skills

A common misconception is that a great delivery will automatically result in a successful presentation. That’s what the typical presentation skills training will teach participants. 

However, after decades in the presentations training business, we know that this is not the case. To change minds and move people to action, a presentation needs a solid underlying structure and absolute clarity. That’s exactly what we teach!


Each level in an organisation faces distinctive challenges

While your junior staff struggles to stay calm during Q&A, your senior managers look for ways to be more persuasive. The different levels of your organisation grapple with their own distinctive issues. We are aware of these diverse challenges and can address them with our suite of tailored solutions.  


What makes us different 

Leverage our strengths as business presentation specialists to discover the right solutions for your organisation. 

Practical Skills – We teach practical tools and methodologies that professionals can immediately apply and benefit from, in the workplace. Our trainings incorporate ample opportunities for your participants to practice the newly-formed skills. 

Rigorous Design – We create and repeatedly polish each of our programmes to address real needs by real clients. Every solution is regularly fine-tuned to incorporate the newest insights into business presentations. 

Flexible Customisation – We don’t provide one-size-fits-all solutions because we believe that your people deserve better. Our specialists will take the time to get to know your specific goals, and then tailor a solution to fit your needs. 

Endless Combinations – Your senior managers require different training than your entry-level staff, but the lines are not always clear-cut. If the situation requires it, our programmes can be combined to provide the right fit for each level. Here are examples of popular combinations:

  • The Polished Sales Presenter – combines Framing, Anticipating Questions, Think on Your Feet® and
    Presentations Alive!™
  • Strategic Articulation – combines The Case Maker™ and Presentations Alive!™
  • The B2B Sales Pitch – combines The Case Maker™ Advanced, Visualisation of Slides, Anticipating Questions, Think on Your Feet® and Presentations Alive!™

Behaviour Change System – Our programmes don’t end after one or two days. With our 12-week post-training reinforcement solution, you can be sure that your staff will actually apply the new skills in the workplace. Also, you’ll gain access to valuable data that will help to measure training impact and ROI.

40 Years of Experience and Expertise – With our extensive experience across industries and government bodies in 20 countries, your leaders and staff will be in good hands. All of our trainers have international experience across multiple industries and have been rigorously accredited to deliver the same game-changing results consistently.


Our Business Presentation programmes

We offer solutions to meet all challenges of the business: from persuasion to delivery to handling questions.

Persuasion Series

These programmes teach your professionals how to create and present persuasive business proposals at all levels of the organisation – from offering simple suggestions in meetings to pitching complex ideas to senior leaders.

Delivery Series

These programmes teach fundamental to advanced skills for professional presentations, providing your staff with the tools, confidence, and self-esteem to wow clients and convince decision-makers.

Q&A Series

These programmes teach professionals how to answer questions in a way that’s clear, coherent, and to the point – a crucial communication skill that’s required during presentations and meetings.

If you have a presentation or communication need that’s not listed above, then our R&D team will be happy to talk to you.


Global Licensing Opportunities for Corporations and Consultants

Most of our programmes are available for licensing. By taking our solutions in-house, you’ll gain full flexibility in the delivery and can embed them into your corporate culture.

Licensing opportunities are also available for consultancies and independent trainers in cities where we do not have a presence. 

To learn more, email us at [email protected].


What our clients say about our Business Presentation programmes

"It is a superb methodology to present your case in the corporate world, as The Case Maker provides a systematic way of thinking to present a holistic business presentation."

Ungku Zaki, Senior Manager, IJM


"I have always been impressed by the high level of competence and professionalism exhibited by People Potential. WWF-Malaysia's recent Senior Management training on Advanced Delivery Masterclass was conducted by Marianne Vincent in a way that appreciated our employment levels and competencies, and ensured that the training took us to a new level. I have seen team members put into practice the new learning - this was an investment well spent, no doubt. I wish we had planned more time to learn more."

Datuk Dr Dionysius S.K. Sharma, CEO, WWF


"It helped me improve in my presentation skills by using an easy to follow presentation structure. Teaches all the little details of presentation that actually makes a big difference in the overall presentation."

- Wendy Lam Sek Klum, AVP, OCBC


"A very effective program to enhance specific negotiation skills. All customer-facing managers should get this training."

- Dr Abdul, Senior Medical Advisor, Novartis