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Business Presentations needs vary throughout an organisation

One of the most critical skills required of today’s business professional is the ability to communicate ideas clearly and powerfully. Whether it is a 5-minute project update at a meeting or a major proposal to the CEO or CFO, there is a common thread that runs through any type of presentation to ensure that it is effective and well received by the audience. This common thread is characterised by clarity, persuasiveness and credibility. Our Business Presentations series weaves this common thread together in an effective and enjoyable learning environment for professionals from various levels of the organisation.

Over the past 20 years, our clients have come to us with this problem: their staff at different levels have different needs, but presentation skills trainings are about the same.

Here’s a glimpse of how 4 clients solved this problem using solutions from our Business Presentations series:

A leading consulting firm put these into their curriculum (for 10 years):

  • The Case Maker™ for Senior Managers up to Directors, in preparation for their Partnership Track
  • Think on Your Feet® for Assistant Managers, Managers and Senior Managers
  • Presentations Alive!™ for Senior Associates 2 and Assistant Managers

A global bank took us to Wall Street, London and Frankfurt, using:

  • The Case Maker™ for Senior Finance Managers as part of a Role Transformation project (customised).

A high-tech manufacturing company uses these:

  • Presentations Alive!™ for Executives and above
  • Think on Your Feet® for Managers and above.

An international bank is using these for their top team:

  • The Case Maker™ (customised)
  • Individual Coaching on Delivery Skills.

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