We are a regional Learning and Development consultancy based in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. Over the years we have worked with multinational corporations (including several dozen on the Fortune 500 list) in 20 countries spread across five continents.

Specialists in Business Presentations and Behaviour Change

We have two Practice Areas, each with its own products and interventions:

  • Business Presentations: At first glance, 'Business Presentations' will come across as quite ordinary. After all, there are dozens of firms and thousands of independent trainers in Asia who can training in basic presentation skills - you know, voice, posture, gestures, eye-contact, use of visual aids, etc. These are the basics and, yes, of course we run several programmes that cover such basics. The difference is that we don't stop there. Since the early 90s, we've been listening carefully to the needs of our clients and developing variations upon variations of programmes to suit their people. Which is why we now have a suite of over 20 programmes to suit real-life business situations in large organisations - from the basics to presenting complex proposals to handling questions to one-on-one coaching for C-suites.  Our presentation skills fundamentals programme Presentations Alive!™ alone has reached more than 14,000 corporate participants throughout the Asia-Pacific region while The Case Maker™ has been given in Wall St - New York, London, Frankfurt, and across Asia. It is also being licenced in Europe, with plans for Australia and Asia in 2020. Based on the insights gathered from our extensive experience, three of our senior practitioners are currently co-authoring a book titled Articulate: New Methods for Managers to Get Buy-In.
  • Behaviour Change System: Most organisations consider their people to be their most important asset - and rightly so. Because of this, they invest in developing their people through Learning and Development interventions - soft skills training, team-building, leadership development, technical training, and many more such programmes. The underlying assumption is easy to understand: If we invest in developing our people, they will be more productive our organisation will be more competitive and sustainable. In practice, however, this assumption often does not play out according to plan because people forget most of what they learn at a  training programme, and of the remaining portion that they do remember, do not apply all of it. In short, the change in behaviour after training usually falls short of expectations. Is there a way to increase post-training behaviour change? Yes, there is, and we having been building a team of practitioners since early 2017 to address this issue. We now have a globally-tested licenced technology from the United States and a thriving team of consultants and designers to customise interventions for our clients. We also partner with expert training providers to help them develop post-training reinforcements in their areas of specialisation.

Guarantee of Quality

Since the early 1990s we have maintained a 100% money-back guarantee on our standalone workshops. In recent years we have won multiple awards for the quality of our work, including a Best Training Provider Award in 2018.

Countries Trained In

We have run training programmes in Australia, China, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Mozambique, New Zealand, Philippines, Poland, Singapore, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, United Kingdom, United States and Vietnam.


More than 90% of our programmes are facilitated by our current or former full-time trainers. For most programmes, our trainers go through a stringent Trainer Accreditation process to ensure that they know the subject matter well and are fluent in their delivery and exercise facilitation. Typically, it takes 2-4 months for a trainer to get accredited. Because of this high bar, each trainer spends a lot of time in preparation and rarely exceeds 80 days of classroom facilitation in a year.


Wants to improve quality of lives

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Wants to help the transfer of learning

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Wants to help people ask the right questions

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Wants to bring about behaviour change efforts in organisations

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Wants to get people highly skilled

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Wants to improve awareness skills

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Wants to help create sustainable training impact

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Wants to make learning engaging

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Wants to raise engagement

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Wants to strengthen team processes

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Wants to help managers think better

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Support team

This remarkable group of people helps make everything happen for our programmes to run smoothly for our clients and our participants. They also help create lifetime bonds with practically everyone who has been a part of People Potential.


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